1) Hcp.- If desired, adjust handicap for participating players (exclusive for this medal game)

2) Handicap Method- Select one of the three handicap application methods
     a) None- No handicaps will be applied to any player in this match
     b) Off Lowest Player
     c) Off Scorecard

3) Carry Over- Toggle on for holes tied to press to the following hole

4) Hole Values- Assign custom values to each of the 18 holes

Train game is best described as a reverse skins game.  A player begins their round on the train.  If a player makes par or better on the hole they remain on the train.  A bogey or worse kicks them off the train.  A player reboards the train by making a birdie.  If a player is the last person remaining on the train, they win train cars (This game is mostly played with carry-over toggled on).  After a player wins the train, all players reboard the following hole.

If all players fall off the train.  The train resets and all players are back on the following hole.

If more than one player is on the train after the 18th hole, those train cars fall off the tracks.