1) Hcp.- If desired, adjust handicap for participating players (exclusive for this point game)

2) Handicap Method- Select one of the three handicap application methods
     a) None- No handicaps will be applied to any player in this match
     b) Off Lowest Player
     c) Off Scorecard

3) Point Value- Input desired point value

4) Hole Sweep Option- Select on or off for this option. Hole Sweep awards all points to a player who wins the hole by two shots or more.

Point game is most often played with a threesome.  It assigns 9 points per hole to the three players.  5 points to the lowest score.  3 points for the middle score.  1 point for the highest score.  Ties share the points.  It will assign 16 points with foursomes and 25 points with fivesomes.