Cloud Scoring

Cloud scoring is live scorekeeping between multiple groups. Golf Wager offers two simple solutions to cloud scoring. Both solutions require no account setups or monthly subscriptions.

Solution 1 - Enabling cloud scoring through games allows you to select which players in the group should post scores in the cloud.  From the cloud, any device can see each individual's scorecard and see a list of who has won any net or gross skins.

Solution 2 - Tournament setup allows one person (admin) to set up the game in advance.  Using tournament mode requires additional effort from the admin, but very little effort for each player that is scoring in other groups.  Tournament mode also allows team scoring if the admin would like to set up 2person, 3person, or even 10person teams.  The team leaderboard allows you to view 1low, 2low, or 3low best ball scenarios.  It also allows a real-time view of the net and gross skins for all individuals.